Evan Roberts

SEO, Digital Strategy Consultant,

& Builder of Things


I'm Jason Dawson

Ui/Ux & Print Designer


Hello, I am Evan Roberts, SEO & Digital Marketing Consultant and Maker of Things.

I've been building web projects and businesses since 1999. It's been in my blood since I built my first computer in 1994 and created a cutting-edge Geocities page complete with animated flame gifs. 

Basic information

website: yando.io

website: raleighdigital.com

Location: Raleigh, NC

Email: evan [at] evan k roberts dot com


I'm Good At...

Digital Strategy

Helping businesses create and execute a digital marketing strategy.


Started in SEO in 2003 and have worked on Fortune 50 to Mom & Pop sized sites. 


Never at a loss of ideas for marketing, businesses or side projects.


Apps, Web Apps, Sites, Campaigns, let's build it. 

Latest Projects

Businesses, Projects, & Side Projects

Side Project

Launching - A database of cryptocurrency podcasts. Submit, comment, and vote on your favorites.


Building tools for freelancers

Coming Soon - Building tools for freelancers that are fun, affordable and effective. 

Side Project 

Coming Soon - Buy direct from the local North Carolina farmer.

Side Project 

Just Launched - Anonymously send your friends a stream of PG-rated jokes about their favorite team. 

Side Project 

Once a week mailing list of domains available to register that have an SEO foundation.  Paused as we're redoing the scanning algorithm, will resume Feb 2018.

A podcast dedicated to NC State sports and anything else we can think of that day. 60+ episodes and counting. www.redandwhitepodcast.com

Consultant for Hire

Digital Marketing Consulting

An international tri-partnership of digital marketing consultants specializing in Search Engine Optimization, Paid Advertising, UX and other digital strategy.

Raleigh Digital

Search Engine Marekting

A division of Yando.

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Available for new consulting projects in January 2018

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evan [at] evan k roberts dot com