A Year in Review 2012 & New Year Upon Us

“Without a Goal, You Can’t Score” – Someone

That quote alone is the reason I am one of those rare people that actually keeps track of their NYE Resolutions and tries to keep them. Now, It’s that time of year again, reality check on how many resolutions i did or didn’t keep. Considering I don’t have any idea where the year 2012 went, I don’t the the scores below are going to be too pretty. Here’s the scorecard below.

2012 Resolutions: – Full Post Here

  • life journal daily – FAILED – kept a private journal for a while but tailed off in the summer
  • tumblr/blog often – FAILED – started off ok, but failed bad. I did however move my tumblr posts here. I’ll try again.
  • de-clutter (closets, clothes, house) and keep them that way FAILED kind of.  Felt like LE and I made progress here but we still have a ways to go.  We will say Work in Progress instead of failure
  • finish my mancarage (Mancave + Garage) – mod-SUCCESS I mostly finished this but could always keep improving. It has been nice for watching games, movies and poker nights.
  • start Yoga classes w/ the wife – SUCCESS We did Yoga for 3 months and attempted to find another studio closer to home. She’s started back up at a gym and I think I’m going to do the same shortly. Really liked it
  • read more – FAILED considering this a failure only b/c I didnt stick to my book a month.
  • learn more about my family FAILED
  • get my domain portfolio in order – SUCCESS got rid of the waste and sold some of the gems
  • spend money smarter or not at all – SUCCESS, i think
  • finish WUR and PR (another project) – FAILED
  • Plan a big 2013 vacation (China?, Asia?, So. America?) – SUCCESS going to China for 10 Days. Other trips in the works
  • No more soda (unless its in a mixed drink ) / More water – FAILED/SUCCESS went 6 months without soda.
  • do more to help my wife with her goals and projects – Work in Progress
  • get organized – Work in Progress
  • Take More photos – Fail
  • eat smaller portions – FAILED – did ok for a while but have really put on some weight lately.
  • Cut the cord – SUCCESS no cable (or cable bill) and it is fantastic.

Final score is 6 Successes, 8 Failures, 3 WIPs, 1 Wash. Not terrible but definitely room for improvement.


  • Read a Book a Month – Sort of a carry over from last year but now with a little more specific goal which should make it easier to follow through (So far so good)
  • De-clutter everything
  • Blog more
  • Launch some projects I’ve been half working on for a long time.
  • Keep active – between Yoga, Disc, softball, hoops, and the push-up challenge so far so good.
  • finish Kitchen Renovations
  • Travel more

Yea, so I kind of forgot about this post being a draft so i’m going to go ahead and post it.  It’s not complete and I know i’ve forgot some resolutions i’ve wanted to include but that just makes it easier to complete more and fail less.