Best Wooden Watches in 2017 – Evan Roberts

You can tell a lot about a person by the watch that they wear. This is a universal truth. The watch is something that can turn somebody’s public image from one thing to another; transforming the perception of an individual from one with less dignity, respect, and style to one with more– just like that. However, watches can also serve to do the exact opposite. The wrong watch is like a bad haircut, except in a way it is worse: we have the agency to control the purchase and aesthetic of our watches completely, while a haircut is often in the hands of someone else. With this in mind, I think it is prudent to consider that we should be extremely selective when engaging in the process of choosing our wrist watches.

It is important to keep up with certain trends when it comes to style. Some ride the mainstream, and some flow in the undercurrent. When it comes to watches, there is an undeniable force of subtle aesthetic that continues to permeate the industry and shine in its entirely unique way… The wooden wrist watch. Wooden watches have something truly special about them. They are both modest and impressive, subtle and stylish, and slick and simple. This respectable style is infamously sleek and beloved by many.

But, like most objects that come in a range of brands and styles: not every wooden watch is created equal. Indeed, many are objectively better than others, while others offer subjectively better styles that suit different people in ways that are preferable.

Here at our site, we are quite keen on wooden watches, and have decided to use our expertise and enthusiasm in this field to compile a list of the 8 best wooden wrist watches that you will find on the market today.

1. Plantwear

The watches at are second to none. Really, this is the best brand of wooden watches on the market right now. We tried to pick a favorite from their collection, but the task basically proved to be an impossible one. Plantwear’s line of wooden watches are incredible, and their similar products in the fields of wooden cell phone cases, sunglasses, and rings are equally awesome. Prices on these fine specimens range from roughly $120-350, but each watch brings its own level of originality in style. Watches can be purchased that are built from or in the style of oak, maple, Massaranduba, ebony, wenge, walnut, and more. You definitely get what you pay for with the higher end watches in the Plantwear collection, but the less expensive ones are absolutely not something to scoff at– that is for sure. This is not necessarily a ranked list, but it would be hard to argue that this #1 is not the best watch on this list.

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2. Wonbee

Wonbee’s bamboo wood watch for men is a really great timepiece. It may be “for men” but this is a watch that definitely reads as unisex. High-quality Japanese quartz creates a timing system that runs dependably and efficiently, the leather strap provides strength and style, while also feeling soft to the touch. Despite the soft and light feel, this is a heavy duty little machine in that the battery will keep it running for a minimum of three straight years. On top of all of this, this device comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. What’s there to lose?

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3. Viable Harvest

Well, this is one highly stylized wooden watch, which manages to truly stick out from the rest of the competition. This is an all-natural option and is renowned for feeling great on the skin. As somebody who has used it, I must say that I can’t help but agree. It is beautiful to the eye, silent to the ear, and feels extremely light on the wrist. Each of these wonderful decides is totally made by hand as well, which is incredible. This watch comes with a box which is custom made for the watch, as well, making it absolutely perfect for gifts. The band is made from real leather. This is another example of a unisex watch. The money-back guarantee adds a cherry on top of this particular purchase.


Wow. Cucol’s wooden watch is incredibly slick and awesome. Not often is eco-friendly combined with this level of quality and beauty, but CUCOL manages to do it with what appears to be utmost simplicity and ease. The glass face is protective and the watch never requires winding because of the oscillating crystal. This is a high-level product that is both physically and practically impressive. It’s also about as close to “waterproof” as a wooden watch can get, which obviously comes with many major benefits. Despite the large face of the watch, this is not a bulky or clunky watch– it remains quite sleek and respectable.

5. Tree People Watch

This is a beautiful watch with a case that is made with absolutely nothing exist pure, handmade bamboo. This is an eco-friendly option that is resistant to water, durable in general, and highly operational; it is quiet and works precisely and dependably. Honestly, there is nothing to complain about with a watch like this. There is even suede on the inside of the watch, which is quite friendly and soft to the skin, and the band consists of incredibly smooth leather that is very generous and kind to the skin. What is there to dislike? To be honest, we simply can’t find a single thing. It is not extravagant in appearance and many people may prefer something that makes a bit more of an engaging fashion statement, but this is still well-crafted, aesthetically pleasing, and remarkably functional. Sometimes simplicity is a gift, and that is the case with this particular wristwatch, in our opinion. All of this partnered with the one-year manufacturer’s guarantee makes this an incredibly fine purchase.

6. Woodgrain

This is another watch that is made by hand with high-quality, genuine wood and other admirable materials gathered from nature. Many stay away from wood watches due to allergies, so a hypoallergenic watch like this one is quite suitable and preferred by many. In general, this is a stylized, simple, light watch that feels very good to wear. It comes with a black, protective box that is built specifically for it. The purchase of this wrist watch also includes a 100% money-back guarantee.

7. Ideashop

Ideashop’s wristwatch is a great option. It is completely free from toxins, feels light on the wrist, and is well-known for its comfort. On top of all of this, it is a practical, light watch that is easy to wear. It feels great! The battery that comes along with it will run for at least five years. The band of the watch is noticeably adjustable, which is also a major plus when it comes to wooden watches, which do not always offer this feature.

8. Gearbeast Bewell ZS

Is this as great as the previous 7 watches? Not really. Is it still a darn great watch? Yes, we think so. There are some unique upsides to this watch; the fact that you can choose the band color between a range that includes everything from zebra to vera is just one of them. Also, the watch is light and smooth. Also, it comes with a watch box that will protect it during the times in which you are not wearing it on your wrist. The 30-day guarantee is nothing to scoff at– but it does not quite compare to deals that accompany many other watches on this list. Also, it is not water resistant, and does not do great in extreme sunlight either– the wood is known to change color with too much exposure to the sun.