Google Video Case Study on Twiddy & Co.

My client, Twiddy & Co., was recognized by Google for their outstanding Adwords success over the years. Google has taken the liberty of performing a TWO case studies on Twiddy for their success in the travel industry. I feel lucky enough to get to work with these people everyday and I’m extremely proud of the partnership we developed over the last 4 years and I feel good that I can be a tiny part of the success Twiddy has seen.

Its very exciting to be able to work and partner with someone who puts their trust in you and even more rewarding when you are able to deliver for them and achieve success. While these case studies only emphasize Adwords and touch on analytics, Google organic rankings such as these, have been instrumental in Twiddy’s success. It is an area where Google doesn’t usually take too much credit, because they don’t make money off of it, but Adwords and Organic rankings on Google are both important to Twiddy & Co.’s success.

Original Google-Twiddy case study.
Second Google – Twiddy Case study