Facebook, “Elections” & Bi-partisan Ignorance

I’ll get this out of the way first, this post isn’t about whether or not I like Romney or Obama because I don’t like either but that is not the reason my Facebook friends make me concerned. Every time there is a debate or something political in the news one side of my peers goes on a social media birage of why their side kicked the other side’s ass and 100% of the time no body actually looks at the facts.

The most recent VP debate is a perfect example. The common consensus among Facebook’s Democrats was that Biden performed better during the debate than Ryan. After watching the debate as unbiasedly as I can, the only reason I can honestly see was from his “performance” not at answering questions but for attempting to seem above Ryan with his consistent laughter and smug smirk. He completely looked like a clown and I’d be seriously concerned about having this man 1 bullet away from running this country. I don’t agree with Ryan’s views but at least he presented himself in a more Presidential fashion.

This in itself is, in my opinion, the biggest problem facing America right now, Bi-Partisan politics. People pick sides and will defend that side to the grave no matter who the candidate. We pride ourselves as being the “Land of the Free” and having a true democracy but yet we have one of the worst election systems possible. Two parties and that’s it. Sure there are other candidates out there but despite their best efforts they can’t get recognized on the tickets, by the media or even by the debate commission.

That’s right, the Commission for Presidential Debates whose own website states:

The Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) was established in 1987 to ensure that debates, as a permanent part of every general election, provide the best possible information to viewers and listeners.

Oh I get it, by excluding candidates such as Gary Johnson and Jill Stein you are providing the best possible information to viewers. Makes perfect sense to me, just like a flying pig. Hard to believe the general public let’s people like this who claim to be non-profit & non-partisan get away with such garbage. We as a people should be more thirsty for facts and fairness as opposed to being sponges for whatever garbage the media wants us to hear.

A real problem I get from my social media feeds is that I don’t think people understand half the issues, at least the important ones. Our country is at a critical juncture and I fear this election is going to be won by social issues & civil liberties instead of critical economic issues. I have my opinions on gay marriage, birth control and the other social issues but I don’t believe they are the main issues at this point in our history. I’m not saying they aren’t important but not critical that they should be the issues deciding the Presidential Election when our economy is in the toilet, unemployment is remains at a high point of my lifetime (~8%), and government spending and taxation is through the roof.

I hope people go out research the issues on their own, meaning not on Obama.com or Romney.com. Romney is lying. Obama is lying. Do your own research and understand what is important for this country at this point in time. For me, it took me a visit to isidewith.com along with some of my own research to really understand the issues and who I support. For the first time ever, I financially backed a candidate and I am proud to say that I formulated my own opinion that isn’t based on a particular party or biased news sources.

If Romney & Obama supporters would open their eyes and see that every election we are talking about the same issues and realize that these two candidates are just like every other pair of candidates that have come before them in recent years, pawns for Big Government. The issues never change because the pawns never change. Bigger government is not the answer that will bring the United states of America back to its once prosperous state and until people stand up and shout the system will not change. No more bi-partisan politics, no more corrupted debate commissions & no more un-informed voters. We deserve better. We should demand better.

A wasted vote is an uninformed vote.

Chris says October 16, 2012

If people went to isidewith.com and voted for the candidate that they actually agreed with most, the electoral college would curl up in a fetal position for a few hours before exploding.

The thing about the “other” candidates is that they’re lying too. They could not possibly hope to pass everything they say they will, no way, no how. It’s the disheartening truth, anyone with their name on a ballot and an audience to speak to is lying to get their votes.

It’s a really frustrating situation with no good solution in sight. One of the two will win and hopefully we can at least all agree to hope they do a good job. But even that is a reach at this point, the opposite side will immediately hope for failure to set the stage for 2016.

Evan says October 16, 2012

Good points. I wouldn’t say other candidates are lying but they may be ambitious with what they’d like to pass, definitely agree there. I’d rather we give them a chance to prove they are liars then re-elect the guys we already know are lying

CT says October 16, 2012

I agree with 99% of what you said except for the two party system. If you look at countries with multi-party systems, they are a mess. Imagine a congress with three or four parties. Even worse, imagine an election with three parties. Would you like the winner of an election to only have 33% of the vote?

Evan says October 16, 2012

I would be fine with 33% of the vote if that were the majority but maybe bi-partisan politics is ok but it has to be true bi-partisan politics, we shouldn’t have 2 candidates forced down our throat because they are a Repub or Democrat.

CT says October 16, 2012

I agree, it America’s fault for not selecting moderate candidates. I would say 30-40% of Americans are moderate. Unfortunately nobody gets involved until three weeks before Election Day.

CT says October 16, 2012

Oh and just for fun….try telling a homosexual or African American not to vote on social issues. Lol I’ve tried ….good times

Chris says October 16, 2012

If you are moderate on either side today, your political career is over. Compromise and non-extreme partisanship is a death kiss in the current climate. Sad, but true. See Obama heavily campaigning against Bush’s foreign policy record and then doing pretty much the same thing he would have done. Or Romney completely ignoring his history in Mass. on health care and environmental issues. Anything that doesn’t rally the party base (whoever that is?) doesn’t fly right now.

Obama tried to compromise, GOP wouldn’t because they knew it would hurt their re-election chances. It will be the same case if Romney wins this one. The current way to get elected is to point a finger and say “I’m not like them!!!” It’s inevitable in down times because people will naturally blame somebody for the problems, so simply being on the other side from the current public enemy is the best way to get elected.

Evan says October 16, 2012

Didn’t a black celebrity come out recently in support of Romney and get bashed for it? Pretty sad.

Evan says October 16, 2012

You’re very right. Anywhere in the middle and you’ll be called a flip-flopper or just bashed from one side or the other. The reason I wrote this was to help open the eyes of the 3 people that might happen by this .com and read it. Gives me a little hope that I’m not the only one who has similar thoughts.

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