Can’t shut it off tonight

99% of the time I can fall asleep anywhere anytime under any condition but on that rare occasion my brain actually works it goes a mile a minute. I’m hoping if I type this out I’ll be able to shut down instead of listening to my dogs snore for the last 2 hours.

Here goes:
– somehow somebody needs to develop an app that will type out your internal monologue/stream of conscience. Bonus if it could do it in pictures. How much more interesting would Facebook be?!!!

– I’m seriously addicted to kickstarter. Between that and shark tank on ABC I’m constantly thinking about stuff to make and sell. The guy who created the clean bottle, which is a simple water bottle that opens at both ends for easy cleaning is making millions selling $5 water bottles! The Internet is amazing. Assume you had a simple $5 product, how easy would it be to make 1,000 sales with all the people in your social network and their networks. Pretty easy right?! Quick $5,000. Imagine if it catches on?!

– I need to Do more and think less

– speaking of thinking I have another app idea. If anyone reads this tell me if it makes sense. An app to track the things you like. Example; I drink at least one cup of green tea a day but I really don’t know much about them but I’ve found a few that I like and some I don’t like. I take a picture of the ones ive tried , mark it as like/dont like, tag it, write what I like about it or dont and file it away under green tea. So next time im in the store I can pull up my list and see which ones I want and which to avoid. Could be used for anything! Beer, wines, hotels, apps, meals etc etc. My personal inventory. I’m sure there is a way to make it social but I havent thought that far into it but might be nice if you want to bring someone a tea and could look up what they like.
Question- how to monetize

Whatcha think?

– this is the sort of thing I think about all day

– I wish exercise was fun. I really want to get in better shape but the gym is so boring. If I could play something fun and get in shape, I’d do it everyday. Saturday football and hoops at grand slam have been great lately. And i feel like i really worked out. I need more! Suggestions?

– I’m starting a list of things I want for the house: new garage opener, projector for garage bar, platform for theater room second level couch, area rugs, runners, dog door… I’m forgetting a few things.

I just realized there are a lot of questions in here and I’m pretty sure only 3 people will see this. (hi wife, Thomas and Evan)

Ok time to try to sleep.