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Jaxson is a Creature of Habit

Every morning Mon-Fri, I take my dogs on a 2.5 – 3 miles hike / walk / jog (depending on how im feeling) at a trail nearby.  The routine never changes both Jaxson and Sasha know when its the weekday (when they get their park trip) and when its a weekend (when we normally don’t go) and I assume it has something to do with LE getting up before me or not.  When I do get up after her, they immediately get excited.  They bounce around and whine for 10-15 minutes while I enjoy my hot tea and oatmeal and when I’m done the run for the garage door and out into the jeep as soon as it opens.

We get to the park and Sasha runs off to sniff around on her own and Jaxson jumps out and waits for me to throw the frisbee all the way down the field. By the time we get to the end of the field and the trail beginning Jax heads for the creek to get a drink and in the summer cool off.  The very first time he went in there he dropped his frisbee in the water and lost it, but ever since then he’s never lost another.  He still goes into the creek and you’d think by now he’d learn to leave the frisbee outside of the creek but nope he’s adapted in a different way, he’s learned to find his frisbee underwater. Every time we walk he does this. I finally got it on tape b/c its too good not to share.